Hey guys, if any of you ever heard of the Crimson Daggers group, it was started by Dave Rapoza years ago and essentially the spirit of the group was to meet everyday online and just sketch together for an hour or two with the intention of improving on things that you really don't want to do. Having a group meeting every day helped to inspire each other to keep going and turn up every day.
I'm pretty new to CA.org and I've only been studying seriously for 2 years. But I bust my ass every day to improve, and I know there are other people out there doing this alone who could use a group like this to help them deal with procrastination and self doubt.

I have nothing to do with crimson daggers, but I think a similar thing right now could be really cool. I know there are other things like this out there, but ya know sometimes all the spots are taken and I'd like to create something with a few people from here who have a similar outlook.

I'm gonna start by streaming on twitch every day for an hour in the morning 6.30-7.30am CEST, check out twitch.com/darkostrauss and say hello, but to be honest this is more about forming a community than trying to get views on twitch, so If anyone is keen we can also make a hangouts group and screen share, give feedback and help each other grow and improve.

Finally since this was inspired by crimson daggers we gotta think of a cool name.

I hope to hear from some of you soon!