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    marker art

    I got my markers back! drew a character and one of my friends. I feel a lot more comfortable with using my ink pens but I still feel a bit awkward. I can't do hands still even though I do a lot of them but, I thought I would ask for some advice for the anatomy (disregarding hands) on the sitting character or like whatever points y'all could figure out I need to focus on or what direction I'm going in
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    Can't disregard the hands!

    If you're having trouble with them, why not try drawing a few shots of your hand for practice? That's what I've been doing recently for studies, and it's helped me a lot with making up hands from scratch already. Are you familiar with Jhoen Vasquez? Invader Zim? JtHM? If not, get acquainted with their work. I see some similarities with your work and his, and sometimes having another artist study is all the direction you'll need.

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    For hands or just drawing in general, you need to know what shape you're going to be drawing and how it looks from the perspective you're viewing it from. Drawing a gesture line and then placing ellipses at the front and back of the line really helps nail down your perspective quickly. A ridiculous number of our bones are just ellipses connected by a twisting bone-bridge. At least, that's how I perceive them. Practice drawing ellipses if you suck.

    You must get yourself some good bones to reference if you want to have any hope of understanding the forms. Save up if you have to. You need life-size, accurately made, disarticulated physical objects if a corpse is out of the question (this is also better than 3d models on your computer in my opinion. I have both.) If you can't be bothered to study anatomy, your hands will at least improve if you treat the main body of the hand as a sort of curved box and the fingers as tapering, segmented cylinders. That will really help with more difficult foreshortening of the fingers on the clown's down-turned hand.

    Extra tip: look at the shape of the insertion points and/or joints of the bones. Then all you have to do is bridge the two areas. This especially useful when you need to draw the rib-cage without getting a headache. If you get both the front and back ellipses/insertion points of a rib drawn in, what could be easier than connecting the two? This is applicable elsewhere on the body as well.

    2nd Extra tip: Draw where you want the hand to be before drawing the arm. Draw what the hand is holding before you draw the hand. You'll thank me later.

    Most extra and bestest tip: Exercise your body regularly you'll learn things about anatomy that can't be taught anywhere else. Yoga is great for this.

    Extra and final tip:
    Draw a gesture line before anything remotely anatomical shows up! No debates or discussions! Always and forever period! If you don't do this you should just burn whatever you're working on and start over.
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