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    Practice for identifying edges ?

    Hey guys !
    What can I do to improve my recognition of edges in photographs/paintings ?
    Currently I have hard time identifying soft/hard edges, and I have no idea how to fix it :/
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    edges are hard, firm, soft or lost. That should be pretty self-explanatory. If not this might help, a hard edge is an optically abrupt transition, a firm edge is less so with a more diffuse transition area than hard but not as extended as a soft edge. A lost edge has no visual cue to the transition area, it fades away into the other elements of the image.

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    In addition most of the hard edges are where the focal point is, and the edges get softer the further away. It doesn't quite work like that as that would make all painting have that zoomed in look. You have to decide where and how important other elements are in the image. Again, it's not quite like that, but you need to practice it.

    Take a three quarter portrait. The eyes are usually the focus. That cheek in the light against a dark background needs a slight softening or it'll look like a cardboard cut out. You don't want the nose to be the centre of attention, usually - soften it. Away from the light, the other side gets softer, and the hair could disappear into the shadows, with just a few slightly lighter than the darkest bits indicating where it might end etc etc. It will vary from image to image.

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    Specifically what exercises Would help to hone your eye for it you mean? Why don;t you just stand in front of a fairly complex painting and point to the edges and identify the four types of edges that Dpaint mentioned above. You could do it while you sketch too.

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    There is already thread about edges dunno if it helps more than what we have in this one but whatta heck:

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