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Thread: I did a study.

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    I did a study.

    I did a study and thats why I am here, not because its new years and I like you baka.
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    Works well except for the eye lashes that look more like a strip or material than separate hairs.
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    neat, recognised you from /ic/
    Someone better call me out if this makes no sense:

    I think your ability to draw is strong, and I like your clear use of outlines.

    I would personally increase the contrast, such as by darkening the folds of the dress to emphasize occlusion, or by adding brighter regions to the chest area, simply to emphasize its curved form.
    That's probably not how it looks like in the reference you used, and I can understand a lack of contrast given soft lighting. But I don't want to just copy what I see - I get better results when I emphasize my own understanding derived from the photo.

    For the right section of the skirt, the values haven't defined its form very clearly. Cloth is tough because just copying what you see on the photo doesn't look convincing unless you go further with accuracy. The value of the dark triangle on the right doesn't make sense to me. Since the normal of its plane appears very similar to other parts of the dress, it wouldn't need to be darker than the average light. Below, I deleted the triangle for no reason. The wrinkled part on the extreme right appears flat. Many of the form shadows on the dress can also be softened.

    I would recommend modelling/visualizing the folds as 3D volumes, and simplifying them as best you can. It's never easy for cloth.

    That said, you did a good job on the subtle wrinkles on the upper body cloth and her face. And it's especially impressive given your limited values. Hope to see more art out of you, and don't ever call me a baka again.
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    Oh wow, thank you this was a great crit.

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