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    Finding it hard to get back to art

    Hello! A bit of a rant ahead.

    So I went to an art school some time ago but itís not obvious to my new friends now. I remember finding the whole looking-for-work thing intimidating when I freshly graduated and sort of just...gave up. I moved on to other things and they supported me financially, so Iíve only done a handful of freelance jobs that are related to drawing over these years. But now looking back, I regret not pursuing art more seriously. Yes I still draw, sometimes extensively, and Iíve been improving. But itís hard thinking what things could have been if I didnít simply turn away.

    As I recently left my (mundane) job itís probably a good chance for a career change so that I can finally do the thing Iím supposed to do, but I admit Iím pretty lost here. The few connections I once had are no longer there, and the forums and sites have also changed. I remember it was required to send hundreds of emails and maybe postcards to art devs but is it still the way to do things? I checked a few freelance sites out and they seem to be gearing towards more general needs (photo-editing, chalk art, T-shirt design, etc.) than what Iím interested in.

    Iím also not entirely sure what kind of portfolio I should build. Ideally I want to do illustration for games, preferably board games, but is the market big enough for new-ish artists to simply dive in? I have some money saved up and have few material needs, but if the market can only support god-tier artists then I have no problem doing something else instead. I donít know.

    I think the thing is probably that Iím no longer as passionate as I once was, and starting now feels a little too late. People of my age are already great artists while I spend twice their time on something 80% less awesome. People say itís never too late but Iím at the point that I donít really believe in it. Iím just ashamed of the time I spent doing nothing and everything about the industry appears just as intimidating as it once was when I first came out of college.

    I hope I made some sense. Any answers, suggestions, opinions and warnings will be deeply appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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    Probably board games isn't that big, but you could learn to make assets for computer games. It'll be a start. All the other bits, t-shirts etc, are just there to supplement income in between jobs.

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    It's a common disbelieve that you will become happy once you turn your hobbies into a profession. Especially if you're struggling. That aside, you don't send mails to art devs, you send mails to companies, ideally those searching for artists. Furthermore, I don't know how old you are, but I think you're making excuses for yourself to not improve your skills. You also don't need to be a pro to get a job, the better your work, the easier you get a job, the more money you can ask for (but that usually goes hand in hand with your working references, so...). In any case, can't get anywhere without starting to send out applications.

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