No need for solemn introductions, let the art do it.

I've been way too concerned with comfortable distractions. I have decided to drop all video games, and to limit the social media sailing as much as I can.

I won't discuss too much, laying out the words tends to make one talk more then do. I will divide my time between reading and artistic production.

Let us begin.

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Study 1 and 2, Gouache, On paper

I sit away from the still life I have set up. How do I paint this is my first question. There's literally an infinite array of paths I can take, all presupposing certain first principles. The material reality is nothing without my input.

First attempt is flat precision. Second one is looser. I like the first one better.

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Study 3, Gouache, On paper

I take a clue from German New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit), until in terms of the geometrization of the objects rendered. I like this much more. I will produce more until I am more comfortable, and I will find difference ways to dissect the picture.

Reading: Interaction of Color by Josef Albers

Cui Bono