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    Looking for criticism/tips for my digital painting

    This is my second ever finished digital painting so go easy on me lol. I've messed around with graphics tablets in the past, but recently got an old iPad pro with an apple pencil and been messing around on procreate. This is the second digital painting I ever actually finished and it's of my lovely girlfriend ))) To be honest I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to brushed, and colour is relatively new to me all my previous art has been greyscale. and tips or critiques would be appreciate thanks!
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    If you're drawing from reference draw what you actually see. Eyes don't look like that, that's a cartoon representation of eyes. Draw the actual shapes that make up her eyes. Also use hard brushes. Because it's a bit of an undefined pudding face. I know that sounds overly negative, didn't mean to be so blunt. But it's early days, you'll learn.

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    To add to what AJams said, one way that was taught to me to break the habit of drawing symbols, is to draw upside down while looking at reference that's upside down as well. It forces you to really pay attention to what you're drawing Nothing complex, I did it with a Dragonball Z character.

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    The eyes look very Picasso but the rest looks much more realistically rendered, I suppose this drawing is a hybrid of styles. I think this drawing would look much better if you stuck to one style, even if it were all Picasso style, it would at the very least be consistently Picasso.

    However in saying that, I do have to mention that this is very readable so you succeeded in communicating to us that this is a drawing of a human female... maybe with a touch of elf as the pointy ear suggests. Whatever the case may be, for your second finished drawing ever this is a huge success that could do with improvements.
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