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    Gradients and values

    Consider the four gradients marked in the image. All are different 'types' of gradients. Cylinder is what I am trying to render. I have only used 2H and 4H pencils with no B's.

    1. Do they look like cylinders? None of them pop out of the page as much as I would like to have them. For some reason, I am reluctant to attribute this to highly compressed value range because a cylinder appears cylinder in real world even if it is in shadows or in brightly lit spot.
    2. I believe that the part where an object comes out of the shadow is the most critical part for achieving the roundness. It variously has been called dark mid-tones and mid-tones on internet. I am inclined to think that this is where I lack the subtlety.

    What do you guys think?. Where should I concentrate more?
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    A cylinder is more than a gradient: don't bother so much about technicalities. I suggest you do a study of a white cylinder in a shadow cabinet with a single light source. Take your time to get it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajithmk View Post
    I have only used 2H and 4H pencils with no B's.
    That's a major problem. Get out 8B. Draw a nice dark bit of value down the outside edges of your cylinders then slowly and carefully hold your 8B and gently brush in lighter and lighter values until you get to the highlight. Just make the transitions from light to dark smooth. Be patient. Do not hurry. Keep your arm from pressing hard unless the dark part needs to be darker. More pressure = more value.

    You can pretty much just burn your 4H pencils. At least for now. It's also worth practicing this using an ink pen.

    Don't forget to sharpen your pencil often.

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