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    Looking for critique on this headshot!

    Name:  vwIx2Qfv-no.jpg
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    Not bad. It doesn't tell me a whole lot, but so it goes.

    The neck stuck out immediately. I am not certain if this is a head turned to the side, or straight on. At best the neck needs to move more under alignment with the head and the chin.

    Not a big fan of the fuzzy pile of.. well.. come on.. it looks like it.. "poo" that is the cloak or shirt. The face has some super great precision and it would look better if you took to the shirt as well.

    It would have been nice to have the whole head instead of a cropped off part.

    The hair is ok in parts, but it lacks cohesion without knowing where the light direction is coming from.

    The face does well with the speckling, but that all seems smoothed away from the mouth and chin which are white washed.

    There is some misalignment with the mouth and chin relative to the noise and brow.
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    Her face is slightly turned away from us however her features are faced directly forward. It's especially apparent with the nose. Otherwise it's not bad keep working at it, especially that hair, look at some other digital artists and how they resolve hair.

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    There are so many issues that even if I pointed them all out, it'd be impossible to grasp all of that at once. Basically, you lack fundamental understanding of light and shadow, color and anatomy (I'm aware that this is a stylized head). Also, using white backgrounds for portraits (or any object or character for that matter) wont do you any good for tons of reasons aswell.

    If you want to, let's say, get good at drawing portraits of puppet-ish looking faces, the best start would be, to get a grasp on how simple objects are affected by light, meaning, where the light appears, how strong it reflects compared to the shadows, if there are any transitions and how they are toned, etc. Which of course, is best done by drawing those things from real life reference. The next step would be, to adapt this for figure drawing. Meaning, constructing a head out of basic shapes (very round anime faces obviously go well with spheres), then sculpting the more complex details and forms.

    As for anatomy, the best way to learn stylized drawing, is still, by learning anatomy. Some people here wont agree to this, but there's a big difference between drawing an anime girl with supposedly realistic looking rendering, and a mouse for disney. Also, constructing the head is crucial for stylized faces, I developed some custom techniques for consatructing puppet-ish faces over the years, because the loomis-head isn't really working too well for something like that. But constructing it is important nonetheless, so everything ends up in the right place and you can use it as a plan for the rendering. And of course, combining face drawing with rendering is the next step, and crucial for this to suceed is, that you are able to envision the head you're drawing. Meaning, you know how it would look in real life.

    I said "puppet" before, because I think, it's the closed thing to use as a reference for you, when it comes to drawing stylized faces. Looking at puppets and how their faces are affected by light and shadow will vastly improve your understanding and also inspire you how to render said faces when drawing them yourself, or at least it did for me.

    Finally, color, is the last thing you should worry about now. I'd recommend to practice in greyscales. If you want to make a finished artwork in color every now and then, color should be the final step. Like, go as far as possible with greyscales before adding it. But there are so many more things to say about color that people hardly seem to understand, and I'm already late because I made this reply ten times longer than I had planned, so I'll leave it like this for now.

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    Thank you very much, I apreciate your help, and if you have any other advices for me i am happy to hear them.
    And if you can tell me what kind of techniques you use for consatructing faces will help me a lot!

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    2 words... frank reilly.
    "Have only 4 values, but all the edges you want."
    Glen Orbik

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