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    Iron Giant redraw (WIP)

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    Some critique would be nice

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    If I hadn't read the title I'd have no idea what this is supposed to be.

    Your drawing looks nothing like Hogarth, which is the biggest issue next to the scene choice itself. Why'd you pick the scene of him playing in the junk yard? It isn't very significant to the movie at all, at least not with how it's drawn here.

    With no context at all, this looks like some space kid crouching behind a busted up car. Maybe inspecting his raygun?

    EDIT AFTER FIRST IMPRESSION: I just realized you were drawing the scene of the Iron Giant crash landing. To me it looked like some random thunderbolt in the sky. Neverminding the quality of your drawing, the biggest issue here is the readability of this piece of fanart. If you change the title, I'd almost guarantee no one would know this is supposed to be Iron Giant fanart.

    EDIT AFTER FINDING THE ACTUAL CLIP: So, this isn't a picture of the giant landing. I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but this shows my point. This is a 1:1 still copy of a specific scene, but you picked a scene that doesn't show any context at all.
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    I thought it was from the scene where they're playing in the junkyard and IG reacts to his toy gun for the first time.

    If you're going for a lineless style, then you ought to have more shadow or some contrast to distinguish the fingers of his hand.
    The front surface of the helmet has some odd lumps, and the padded lining cuts off the top of his head in a straight line when it would be curved.
    The jaw line is wrong.

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    Admittedly, I haven't seen the movie in the longest time. I forgot all about that scene. I'm pretty sure IG fires the laser at him while he's out in the open though?

    OK. I found the exact scene this illustration is based on:

    I still think there are better stills in this scene that would convey what we're supposed to be feeling a lot better? Lacking any context, this still doesn't have much to go on, even in the movie. IMO a better shot to draw from would've been where the guy is jumping to push Hogarth out of the way of the blast, just a few seconds later in this clip. there you see all the characters at least.

    After finding the scene, I can't tell if you're just trying to base your illustration off of it, or if you're trying to do a direct copy. Please confirm?

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