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    Dualcitizen's Sketchbook


    I've been drawing for almost a year now and never really shown my work to anyone other than some friends and family. I would love to hear some criticism and feedback about how I can improve.

    I saw a video by Sinix about how he used to post here and how much he learnt and it really inspired me to seek out some other artists, up till this point I've really just been alone with my art.

    Lately I've been working on my anatomy, taking a model photo and drawing it with the anatomy showing
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    Looking good, im not an expert so i suppose the only thing I can offer you is my initial impression of the sketches. I think your lines are nice an clean, the shading could be improved but they do a decent job of showing some shadow.
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    Did some face pratice.

    My rendering is much worse than my drawing skill at the moment, gunna try and do at least one render a day, even if its just 20 minutes or so.

    Name:  face sketches2.jpg
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    I spent a half hour rendering this portrait and it came out way better than some of the 4+ hour portraits I've done... not sure how I feel about that lol.

    Name:  purp yellow port.jpg
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