My name is Sol, I'm a 2D artist with 5 years of experience.
My main branches are illustration and 2D animation.
I focus on character design and concept art, my areas in animation are paperless and cut out animation.
I have a cartoony and kid-friendly style but also a strong sense of perspective, anatomy and structure. As an animator my job requires a flexible art style to couple with the client's vision. My commitment with my work is to provide the best quality/time ratio.
For the last year I've been working on a indie boargame "Taco Ninja Adventure!" and I'm eager to develop more game art.
To help you get a better sense of my work, I send a link with my porfolio and reel. Thanks for your time!
My porfolio: azpirozart.com
My reel: vimeo.com/271364312
My works
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