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    After a long time gone, I'm BACK

    Hi folks,
    I've been gone a while, did ya miss me? (Does anyone even remember me? Actually, thats probably good.) So, where to begin... I was on here after I graduated from Art Center back around '07... pissed a few folks off. I got work at a few different places over the years, found myself moving from LA to Colorado to New Orleans... While work got my skills up I kinda let my online presence slip so I've lost track of what are the hip new tools folks are using or other pro sites to go to when looking for work.

    Well, getting a bit more up to date... I lost my most recent job back in February when Gameloft New Orleans shut down. At about that same time my gf of 8 years left, and without job or other half the rent being paid for I was forced to move into a... lets just say "more affordable" living situation. I kinda was depressed for a while and couldn't focus on much... I know the mantra here is "don't stop drawing" but I could barely look at a pencil without my mind turning to a mix of terror and mashed potatoes. Not the best description but I don't know how to better describe it than that. I kept from entirely burning through my savings by taking jobs as an extra (or occasionally stand in or photo double) in the local film industry down here in NOLA and I'm finally just now recovered enough to be able to poke my head up out of the ground and sort of try and get back out there as a visual artist.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll attach some examples of work here but also my personal portfolio can be viewed at If you work somewhere that's hiring, or know of other sites like CA where I can possibly find work, please let me know. I don't like being that guy who limps in out of the wilderness and falls exhausted on the floor, but here I am.
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    And now for something a little different...
    Name:  CHR_LssrMouseDeer06.jpg
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    Name:  CHR_Giant_Condor06.jpg
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    Thanks for looking,

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    That's some good stuff there

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    Good to see you getting your life back on track. I really like your works! How about doing some more life drawing?
    Grinnikend door het leven...

    Sketchbook Blog

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    Let me get this straight: I mentioned that I attended one of the top art schools in the US, have worked as a concept artist in AAA game studios since '09, have the chops to do the work that I already showed... and your thoughts are "I don't think this guy has been doing life drawing."?

    Just so you know, I actually go pretty regularly, is just that life drawing is practice. Usually I'd show it in a sketchbook thread, not one for entertainment design and concept work... but seeing as you asked:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    They all were right-side up on my computer, but a bunch are showing up upside down or sideways here. Oh well, dgaf on these.

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