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Iíve been working on this witch a really long time. Itís far from ready but seeing where itís heading Iím not at all happy with the results. Iíve been using the smudge tool to blend the shadows and the result is way to computerish for my taste. But I donít know how to approach the blending in another way. I want it to look more painterly. How do I achieve that?
- Stop using the smudge tool!
Well, of course but how do I approach the shading without using the airbrush on a blended layer or using the smudge tool? Do any of you have like a step by step process you use for blending shadows to get that painterly look? And which brushes you usually use?

I know I have problems with the figure. The hands looks weird and the proportions are a little bit to exaggerated. Iím actually just starting out with one of Prokos courses on human figure so I hope Iíll evolve in some of these areas. Not that I tried to make her look natural but something seems off with her.

thanks in advance for all the help you can give me!