Hi! I am in the process of applying to art schools (SVA, SAIC, Parsons) to major in photography. Please let me know what you think about my artist statement!
My body of work explores the ideas of beauty, vulnerability, and acceptance. I use colors and different lighting techniques to capture the viewer’s attention, while making them examine the underlying message. I often use people as my subject because I can capture emotions that can be difficult to express. My work combines photography and digital manipulation to make the audience question these ideals.
I experimentwiththe use of costumes, locations, and models to capture different feelings in my photos. I am inspired by artists such as Mario Testino, Guy Bourdin, Keith Haring, and George Lynes because of how they can encompass the ideas of sexuality, humanity, and vulnerability in their work. As a queer artist, specifically George Lynes and Keith Haring influence my photography.They risked their whole career and livelihood to express their emotions in the post World War II era, a time where the LGBTQ community was ostracized. Most recently, I created a series, Flooded Minds, that explores the sentiments of helplessness and vulnerability. The models were thrown underwater fully clothed, where they were completely vulnerable to the elements. I wanted to create a series that encapsulated these feelings, as I was overwhelmed with these emotions when I came out as gay to my conservative family. Photography has given me an outlet to express things that may seem taboo in our culture.
Last November, I had the opportunity to be on the PBS show Roadtrip Nation. It is a documentary where students interview leaders in their field. I chose to interview a photographer, and after talking to her, I decided photography wasn’t just a passion of mine, it was a viable career. I intend to major in photography to further my technical skills and surround myself with like-minded artists. I believe in the power of community, as it can bring great change and impact. With the diverse community of this school, I can learn other student’s backgrounds and past experiences, and portray that in my work. I firmly believe everyone has the right to love and acceptance, and as an artist, I feel the need to voice that.