I am a student training to become a concept artist and I prefer painting to photobash and I really like the artstyle of World of Warcraft, Cole Eastburn in particular is a personal hero of mine for his glorious rendering of orcs. SO GOOD. Anyways right now I have mostly focused on learning to capture things somewhat realistically and now I am trying to transition my work into the WoW style. It is very far off but I would like to hear from others as I often get tunnel vision and lose sight of where I am and get lost in the sauce. Any critique is great, especially negative or things I can improve. These are very low quality so I hope they work.Name:  BossOrcFinalRender2lq.jpg
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Size:  213.5 KBName:  Orc Rebel Weapons_next steplq.jpg
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Name:  Orc Rogue Final RenderLQ.jpg
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I started these about 10 days ago and I plan to include these in my submission to the blizzard student concept art challenge along with many more I am working on so I will post more soon. Again, ANY feedback is welcome and appreciated!