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    Realism Question.

    Hi Conceptart Forum, I have been practicing digital painting for a while now and I am at a point that I often get to when doing a study painting. I am trying to figure out what the next steps are to bringing something like this up to a higher level? It seems like there are some blindspots in what I'm doing that is causing me to have trouble "pushing past" this stage. I can push past this stage, but not to something that appeals to me overall. Anyone have an idea of what steps could improve this and make it better than it is? I understand how to make more rendered, but I feel it is heavily lacking overall in the lighting and mostly realism.

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    I dig it.. the ear seems pushed back way far.. and the neck seems to angle back farther than it should.. but over all well done. You are killing it on the hair!
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    Looking good, I suggest you play some more with hard/soft edges, and be more adventurous with colour...
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    hi sean,

    i like the hues, but the structure is lacking. for example the ear is too high up, no amount of rendering is going to save that.

    my suggestion is to really dig into (on the off chance i sound repetitive) frank reilly's head abstraction.
    like this...

    Name:  SeanPGuzman-realism_01.jpg
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    once the general shapes and proportions are established, it becomes so much easier to think about and observe, where your model is varying from that, instead of trying to nail it all at once.

    keep going.

    [edit] once uploaded i noticed that the right eye (her left) is way lower than the other in my construction/op. its much easier to change those things the less youre invested in the rendering. it becomes hard to change things the more work youve put into them...

    not going to change that, because you know... it aint my picture anyway and you get what i mean i think [/edit]
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    Very wonderful painting! Aside, from more practice in the face proportions and what not I suggest you focus and study different lighting and how they affect the colors in the light and shadow of a subject. After all the shadow isn't just black. Another note on black, the black background is making it hard to look at the picture. I suggest to stray away from using pure black in your paintings for a while for it is a hard value to control and it kills an image quickly. Best of luck!

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