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Thread: Critique plz

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    Critique plz

    Still in the works. I'm using golden acrylics on wood panel. Half new to landscapes and looking for some advice and criticism on the cloud structures and the lighting I've got going on so far. I'm still not totally convinced by the lower portion of my cloud that shows it going back in the distance. Also the thin wispy clouds I have the sky are not selling it for me either... Maybe I'm just getting tunnel vision. Be as kind or as harsh as you want
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    I think your self assessment is accurate. The top third of the painting are distinct clouds, while their distant portion does not seem to recede as convincingly. This may because the ground is ambiguous and not supporting the illusion. Maybe defining the ground will aid in conveying distance and resolve the distant clouds. As for the wispy white clouds, they may border on 'outlining' the clouds, but if you hadn't mentioned it, I don't think I would have picked up on it.

    Also, I read the shape of the clouds as dense and heavy... strong, as fair as clouds go--they impart a sense of awe by stretching to the sides of the canvas and tapering into the back ground. And
    the way they are painted imbues them with a slight 'creaturely' animation, as if it directing itself... although I could be just seeing things in the sky.

    If have a chance, check out some of John Constable's cloud paintings like this one. That master knows how to convey landscape space and notice his subtle color gradients behind the sky and on the field.

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    at 1st i thought it's clouds in sunrise(didn't realize yellow part is ground), then i saw bumps on yellow part and thought it's sand, so the clouds are water hitting the beach

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