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    Primogenitor34's Sketches

    Hello! I just joined this forum a few nights ago after discovering of its existence through a podcast I picked up. I hope to eventually get into the field of Game Design as a character concept artist; I've been developing my own dark-fantasy story for the last few years and have created countless sketches and concepts for it. I haven't drawn everyone in it yet as there's so many characters! Unfortunately everything so far is only drawings; I've no experience with any modeling software to render these guys or anything.

    As a starting point, I'm posting my best character sketches here, sticking exclusively to characters from this story. I may post my other sketches later (including fanart I've done as some of my best works include characters from other media I enjoy). These were all done in ink; and each of them has also been turned into digitally colored pieces (I work in vector format using Adobe Illustrator CS6).

    Thank you for your time, and I hope that you enjoy my work so far!

    Primary illustration for one of my original characters, known only as the Foul Priest, a mad sorcerer with a dual personality and incredibly abominable levels of magic power. Primary illustration for one of my original characters, Laurada, a martial artist who invokes Light magic with her physical attacks. Primary illustration for one of my original characters, Saga, a demoness six-tailed fox with the power to warp minds and twist dimensions. Primary illustration for one of my original characters, Vesuvius Lok, a demi-god with a hybrid body of a horse and a man, who commands the power of Fire and wields dual hammers forged from magma. Primary illustration for one of my original characters, Amqueela, a banished king whose former body, that of a monstrous eagle, was altered after the theft of his soul, turning him into a white panther. He yearns for vengeance on the gods who banished him and the one who swiped his soul. Primary illustration for one of my original characters, Miaesmoran, a wicked demi-god with the nightmarish appearance of an old man's withered body and a giant centipede for a head, he brings plague, treachery, and vile behavior with him wherever he goes. Primary illustration for one of my original characters, Birthmother, a gentle fairy who cares for a divine forest that glows of amber hues, grown from water blessed by the gods themselves. Primary illustration for some of my original characters, the Ebony Covenant, a group of cultists who worship King Amqueela as a god and seek to aid him on his quest for revenge.

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    hello, interesting inking style and ideas here. Do you draw from life ? especially nude in realist style ? it will be very good to practice for developing anatomy skills for your characters.

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    You have an interesting style. I like the way you ink your figures. Do you study anatomy at all? I think doing some life drawing could really help with anatomy of your characters, especially when they are in motion. Anatomy is important, even for fantasy figures. I'm terrible at anatomy so I need to study it a lot myself. Nice sketches so far! Welcome to the forum!
    ~Stephanie Cruz (aka Persephone Black)

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