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    WIP - critique wanted!

    hey - need some help on this before I get toooo attached to it. chess pieces aren't there yet cus I'm still working on it just wanna make sure this is headed in the right direction in terms of composition, perspective, light, color, and anatomy. thank you!

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    I dig it.. be careful of the shiny spots you put on the skin of the demon guys... and hopefully that chessboard gets a paint over because those squares are too sharp lined compared to the rest.

    Anatomy looks good.. well maybe that far hand needs to be slimmed down, and the midget demon needs finger definition.. his legs look a little lacking, but reasonably on the plane of the table.
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    I'm liking it! Compositionally, I think you could expand the canvas a bit to include some more of the scene. It feels a bit cramped. Maybe you want it to feel cramped? If so, I'd throw a few more interested demons into the scene. The golden circles are a little distracting, because they have such high contrast, they seem to be floating, not attached to her garment. I feel like there may be too much highlight in the painting, though maybe the angel is supposed to be emitting an internal light? If so, I think the outer edges would be much darker, as well as the planes on the demons that would be in cast shadow.

    Intriguing piece, hope you keep going
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    I like everything about this painting! my only advice could be about the general saturation. Everything in the picture is a bit too saturated. certain hues in a painting must take a backseat and be much duller than others. Keeping a certain subject in a painting highly saturated brings focus to that subject, so you can use that to your advantage by dulling the hues of the things in the painting that are not the focal point and increasing the saturation of the things that are.

    Best of luck!

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