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    The Art of Moments In Time

    Moments In Time is my original Action/Adventure/Horror PG-Rated novel about four orphans on a dangerous journey home. It’s gonna be coming out January 15th, 2019, and I figured I could share some of the various artworks I’ve created for the story. Hope you all enjoy!

    Name:  Moments In Time (Upload) copy.jpg
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Size:  82.9 KBName:  The Journey Through Nemori (Upload) copy.jpg
Views: 1546
Size:  70.4 KBName:  Roll Call (Lineup) (Upload) copy.jpg
Views: 1522
Size:  94.3 KBName:  Kuda (Upload) copy.jpg
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Size:  38.1 KBName:  Saya (Upload) copy.jpg
Views: 1530
Size:  55.1 KBName:  Yuuta (Upload) copy.jpg
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Size:  37.5 KBName:  Bianca (Upload) copy.jpg
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Size:  41.7 KBName:  Boi. (Upload) copy.jpg
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Size:  70.1 KBName:  An Emotionally Constipated Dork In Distress (Upload) copy.jpg
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Size:  62.7 KBName:  Your Hand In Mine (Upload) copy.jpg
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    Kuda is a young orphan more familiar with the darkness of the basement he constantly finds himself in, than with the idea of connecting with others. That is, until this strange young girl named Saya decides to open the door and shed a little light in that dark pit of his. From there, a boy becomes utterly enamored with a girl and the two form a strange, but genuine relationship.

    However, one night, things get a bit more dire when, after a dangerous series of events, Kuda, Saya, and two other orphans wake up in a world that looks familiar with a couple of bombs and an all-out war. With no other options, and no idea what is going, they have no choice but to put their fates in the hands of Saya, a girl who can't even see... as she leads the group to her imaginary friend across the city.

    Gonna be a long night...

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    Saya’s Character Design

    Name:  Saya Character Design (Upload).jpg
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    Name:  Saya Character Design Sheet (Pubilc) (Upload).jpg
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    Saya’s character design.

    Character Bio

    A young, blind girl with a sunny personality and words for days.

    A newcomer to the Ocean-View Child Care establishment, she makes herself at home in her, well, new home! She’s quick to make her presence known to her fellow children, becoming an immediate standout amongst the small crowd for her endless amounts of energy and head-full of strange but undoubtedly fascinating thoughts and ideas. For better or for worse. She says for better. Definitely for better. Looking to make some new friends and start a new, happy life, Saya is quick to try and form connections with all her peers and let the light she shows no shame in shine bright for all to see!

    Especially a certain boy in the dark...

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    The designs made me smile! great work! I love the way you introduce a bit of glow. Fun expressions too
    Twitch: @LDogDraws
    Instagram: @eastghoster

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    Thank you so much! Sorry this is so late, I didn’t see this reply until right now! Glad you like my stuff!

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    Bianca’s Character Design

    Name:  Bianca Character Design (Upload).jpg
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    Name:  Bianca Character Design Sheet (Pubilc).jpg
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    Bianca’s Character Design


    A perpetual loner type who makes it a habit to keep her distance from the other children in her orphanage.

    This young woman is the eldest and longest resident of Ocean View Childcare, having been raised there since her infant days. And that’s all that’s really known about her. Bianca tends to keep anything and everything personal about herself under wraps. Besides the fact that she’s been in Ocean View the longest, the one other thing commonly known to the other children is her hatred of the orphanage’s headmaster, Norma Tuesday. The exact reasons for why? Of course Bianca will never tell.

    But while she makes it a point to keep to herself, oddly enough, she always seems to be around, watching the kids from a distance.

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