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    Perspective question about boxes rotating

    Hi everyone, I have a question about rotating boxes in perspective.

    In the youtube video,

    the boxes are said to be tapered so that their vp ends near the center of black axis. This means that it's sliding instead of orbting around the center point in 3d space where the diagonals should end on the black axis lines.
    If it's orbiting around and not tapered, one of the vp of every 2pp will end in where the 1pp ends, where the black lines intersect/along depending on rotation, unless I'm mistaken?

    But that if cube isn't tapered and the blocks are sliding along the horizontal black axis while rotating (like in the video), what actually happens to the three vanishing point of a box?

    Does 1/2/3 end where it's shown in the image? (Pink color)
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    While is a great resource for training your muscle memory aka the basics of the basics of drawing, it does a poor job explaining perspective. So, I suggest you rely on a different source for that.
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    You need to know about stations points (E in the animation) and measuring point. Then you can do that properly.

    So you'll start with your initial box rotated as you need in 2pp, and use measuring point for required VP (MP(1,2) in this case), to find VP3, VP4 by intersecting through MP(1,2) two lines perpendicular to each other with vanishing line through VP1 in this case (one at pink angle up from the horizontal, the other one at (90° – pink angle) down from the horizontal)

    Perspective question about boxes rotating


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