Many of us when sees handsome and beautiful face trying to paint one art face, while Painters and designers of Kazan Art School have amassed fortunes striving to create one.
And Kim Seokjin? Well, he simply has one.
The 25-year-old musician is blessed with what is described as the art face. It matches an basic drawing endowing him with flawless proportions.
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In theory, Facial Proportions for drawing should be like this:
1.eyes position in 1/2 head to chin
2.face width in cheek area area equal to brows to chin
3.distance between eyes to nose equal to lips to chin
4.distance between eyes to brows equal with nose to lips
drawing team choosed him in analyse during september 15 to october 15, ontestants were judged from childhood until now that proves their natural looks.
Locals suggested it was the popularity as an artists, which contributed to his success But it is the art definition of beauty which gave seokjin the crown.

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Anna Alexeev, an art student, said art's visual is about best facial proportion. 'Seokjin has the classic signs of art beauty,' she added. 'he describe art proportion even since childhood days and his proportion did not changed at all in his teenage and young ages.
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How to ACquire Kim Seokjin's Beauty Perfection?

Don’t get discouraged if these proportions come out wrong. Seokjin’s is one face in a thousand where they come out right. The only thing to do is to give them the appearance of being balanced.”

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