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    Studying Body anatomy, looking for critique

    Before drawing this piece, I was studying the anatomy of the human torso and the shoulders, trying to get an idea of where all the bones and muscles would be. I started off with the layout of the spine, hips, ribcage, shoulders and head, as well as get a general idea for where the muscles would be most prominent (I'm kicking myself for not scanning the layout stage, but I'll remember for next time. It's my first time actually creating the torso after doing portraits for so long, so I know there will be mistakes. I would appreciate any pointers in how to construct the torso, and soon I'll try and create frontal torso studies, and once I get the hang of them I'll move onto studying the limbs and properly study the musculature.
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    Without proper lighting and labeled construction it is hard to make sense of this.
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    If accuracy is what you're going for, it'd help us out to see the reference photo you're working from. Right away I can tell there are some big issues without needing to see it though. Both forearms look deformed; either you over-exaggerated their distance or you just drew them way to small.

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    first off... why is this nsfw - nudity tagged? not even facebook would detect a nipple or something "potentially naked" there.

    i think youre biting off too much to chew here. forget about rendering/shading for now, and rather investigate how the inner mechanics of us (or any other mammal) work. the proportions of our skeleton and its way of operating (different kind of joints and stuff), and the volumes of the muscles and how they interlock.

    i mean proko basically covered it all already ^^, go have a look...

    i think the gesture is decent though keep going
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