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    Assassin Character Concept

    Hello there! I'm working on some character concepts for a comic, and it's gone through a lot of changes as I've learned more from school, but I'm ready to work on what I hope will be a final iteration.
    Some background for this character is that she's an assassin and her armor is inspired a bit by ancient Chinese armor, but with some modern inspiration as well. Her mask is supposed to resemble a weasel, but I want to rework the shape for it.
    What are things I could work on in regarding the mask, costume design and silhouette? Definitely want to rework the pose.
    Thank you!
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    What are you doing?

    Cuz have you got a minute?

    Look down at your clothes. What are you wearing?

    Don't look at me like that. You have a dirty mind.

    Pay attention. What are you wearing? I'm wearing a black t-shirt with a huge white A in a circle. I'm sitting in worn out jeans with a hole in one knee and faded splotches of paint and gods know what else. My bare feet are resting comfortably in hideous slippers. A far too expensive set of earmuffs are pouring the sounds of Chuck Mangione, into my head. That's who's giving advice here. Never forget that.

    Now about your art. It looks good and stuff. I just feel like you're going to have a bad time trying to design clothing for a mannequin. Don't get me wrong. For proportions, those guys are great, but for personality, not so good.

    Your clothes need personality. They need to be lived in. Maybe she's got a weird stain on her thigh from lunch, I don't know. You could give her feathers in her hair that were from a treasured, now-departed pet bird. Maybe she stepped in mud. Is she getting a little chubby for that top? Is that almost maybe a tangent at the tip of her sword? I can't tell.

    Anyway, the point is unless you're designing military uniforms to be hung in air-tight, vacuum-sealed, space-bags for all eternity, you're going to need some oomph.

    So what are you wearing?

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    Another thing that you need to think about in determining the look of your character is her personality and history. We on this site have no background or context for her outfit or her looks. That's something you need to figure out and incorporate into her design and we'll let you know if it works or not. Don't tell us her history, though, show it in her costume.

    For example: Did she make her mask? Did she make the whole outfit? Is she part of an organization? Is there a symbol for that organization?

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    Passable. The armour design is functional looking enough for an anime style comic. The shape design contains enough large forms to contrast with small forms.

    Check the centre line on that big drawing though. A few niggly details in the drawing, like the slightly mismatched forms in the lower leg wear or the huge sword hilt.

    The character design works to evoke the imaginative world you're developing I think.

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    I think what's been said already is spot on. There's nothing inherently "wrong" with your drawings, they just lack that extra "omph". Looking at these remind me immediately of shows like Avatar or the (now old) new Thundercats show, and why their character designs were so good. The designs aren't very complicated, but they have a lot of personality that relates to the character in their color and clothing choices.

    The only design you have that's in color still looks drab when put up with those grey figures.

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