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    Question Barely learn anatomy. part1

    Hi, I'm AndreasHuang, a newbie artist from somewhere in Asia.. (so sorry for my bad english)
    i just found Proko (for those who dont know check advertising)), I've marathoned and doing the anatomy assignments...
    would you guys help me spot my weakness and/or wrongness so i can fix it to getting better? Thanks in advance!

    (continued on my part 2 due to total image restiction...)
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    This is confusing. There's some really crappy drawing in here and some really good shit. The fact that you're posting both kinds of shit seems to indicate a lack of ability to determine the quality of your own work, yet the quality of some of the work would indicate otherwise.

    Very confusing indeed.

    Edit: Oh, I've got it now. You're copying the drawings of other more skilled artists. That's what threw me off.

    Disregard me. I'm just an idiot wandering around on the internet. Keep up your practice. Doing this kind of stuff will really pay off after awhile...maybe not in money though. Mmmkay?

    Edit: Edit: Sorry for calling your drawing crappy. Was kind of blindsided there.
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    I was about to say the same thing. At a glance, the shift in quality was really weird. Keep up the practice, but I think this thread would be better suited in the Sketchbook section?

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    in fact, its all done by me. all in sequence (Proko lessons are all systematic, from head to foot, and i follow that playlist order), as you can see i draw this in about 2 months (August-September). oh, MAYBE the swift quality because of my mood

    as for copying.. hmm.. well, i'm following example demo only one drawing available in each topic, then based on that demo i figure it out the other myself well, thats called excercize (maybe thats the crappy one lol...)

    hey can you just pin point what are the crappy? you can see all pics are titled. thanks for your input.

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