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    Is specializing important and how to choose?

    So up to now ive been practicing my concept art abilities and gradually improving. I went to an art event recently and got a portfolio review with some good feedback from a senior concept artist at cd projekt red but one of the big questions i kept getting asked there was.. "What do you specialize in, whats your focus?" E.g environments, characters, props, creatures etc.

    Currently my portfolio is a mixed bag of these but its come to my attention recently that its good to have 1 as a primary focus, especially when your starting out. You also improve faster at that thing this way. I hear the same from bobby chiu podcasts.

    I see myself growing slower because of being more general currently and struggling to choose what to focus primarily on.

    Storytelling is my favourite aspect in an image. Fantasy theme
    But I really enjoy painting portraits, designing characters/monsters as well as painting forests/woods (more organic shapes) with a story unfolding.

    I thought for a while id focus on environments since some people said im better at it along with storytelling being so important to me but doing architecture and hard surface enviros in perspective and using large brush sets for an image is one of the least fun aspects for me. Im starting to think i should focus on character design in full body and portraits but im still unsure.

    Any thoughts on how to decide? Ive been struggling on this for a while but i know it would be good to choose a focus for improvement and for my portfolio.

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    You always have to be thinking about where to direct your efforts at improvement in art just because you can't do everything.

    IMO instead of thinking about whether to specialise, think about how much to specialise. To go really deep in and just do hard surface design for jap style mecha ( as an example of super specialisation). Or back it out and do vehicles in general. Or any hard surfaces including props, weapons, vehicles, enviros. To go all the way out and specialise in everything for one genre. or multiple genres. Or everything for every genre and so on until you get to a point where you've watered down your focus so much that you can't be good at anything.

    What's it going to be?

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