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    How to finish an artwork

    Hello everyone!
    I'm new here and I'm looking for a community that can help me grow as an artist. I hope I'll be helpful myself
    I'm really confused and don't feel this work is done, and I'm not sure what to fix
    Critiques are more than welcome
    Thank you!

    Name:  4_ToConceptArt.jpg
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    What specifically don't you like about it? I'll come at this with the assumption that it's a character design. In case it isn't, you should start doing thumbnails of your ideas before you work on the finished piece. Thumbnails meaning small sketches to work out the composition and focal points of your piece.

    I think you got a little ahead of yourself here. You went straight into a finished drawing when I don't think you were fully invested in the design from the start. I get that he's supposed to be a cartoony boy scientist, but I don't get that vibe from him at all. This is another area where doing some sketches before you work could've helped you.

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    I agree with what Mattyt has to say - but also I have some stuff to say on stuff to fix in your current drawing if you wanted to do so.

    First, one arm is longer than the other, second the vile and the stink cloud look like one object. What I mean by that is from the thumbnail it looked like he was holding some weird bloated green axe. Only when I have a closer look I know that they are too seperate entities. This has to do with the texture on the vial and the texture on the stink cloud look the same. Glass and smoke should look very different. Also the shadows are a little bit weird, especially on his neck... On the subject of necks his neck is three times as wide as his arm. Cartoon exaggeration is fine, but remember the relationship between each individual element so that the whole thing looks consistent.

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    I'm also going to agree with Mattyt.
    I'm the guy that does his job! You must be the other guy! <- longest link to a sketchbook ever.

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