Well, I'm going to follow this sketchbook posting trend that you guys have.

I'm going to post a few works of my last sketchbooks and probably be updating in the future with my new sketchbooks. Any constructive critique will be appreciated.

The drawings are made with pencil and sometimes charcoal, be it a charcoal pencil or the vine charcoal I made myself with the trees of the park of my city(so mystical).

Name:  6.jpg
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A friend of mine I drew while he was drawing, my house inspires more people to draw haha

Name:  11.jpg
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A previous failed love, at least I've got the sketches to remember her

Name:  13.jpg
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Same girl, different pose, the likeness isn't as good with this one, difficult with that foreshortened pose

Name:  12.jpg
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One of my dearest friend who I also usually inspire to draw together, I take the chance to practice everytime he does so haha

Name:  out12.jpg
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Another dear friend, very close to my heart and the girlfriend of the previous friend I've mentioned(yes, they're together because of me)

Name:  18low.jpg
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Name:  19low.jpg
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Some sketches from imagination with a charcoal pencil

Name:  outlow.jpg
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Jordan Peterson very serious and expecting you to make your bed

Name:  out13low.jpg
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Yup, the same friend drawing again

Name:  arbol9dejulio.jpg
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A tree from a park in my city

Name:  out19tommy.png
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A friend I drew, I was very drunk

Well, I guess that's all, there's many more but they're bad haha