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    I have several questions for people that may be involved

    I managed to organize a life drawing session at the university, but the bigwigs found out, and although the session was a success, I was forewarned about the perils of initiative and avoidance of red tape. To avoid further finger waggings in my direction(or even worse, actual consequences) I am trying to do this legit.

    In attempt to get life drawing sessions/workshops/drop-ins established in my area and am asking for suggestions.

    I am attempting to go through the University bureaucracy at the present. However, should that predictably fail, I am also scouting for other locations.

    I have several questions for people that may be involved with this at various levels:
    Is it run through an organization? (University/private company/non-profit/informal)

    How are models obtained? (Advertising? Word of mouth?)

    How are models paid? (contract? hourly? gratuity?)

    If anyone has any words of wisdom on the inner workings of this kind of thing, I am all ears.

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    I wonder why the U would be opposed to life drawing? Or is it just that you're not supposed to form an unauthorized club?

    I've been to a few life drawings that are run privately. So in someone's home/studio, or in a gallery. One person hires an amateur model and everyone that comes chips in to pay them (per hour, or per session). Seems like the best option if you have a space to do it. If it's to be on a campus, I'm guessing it would have to go through their art department head.

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    I go to a private one right now. The host has carpentry skills and made his own horses. There seems to be a lot of word of mouth involved about the models in both academia and private studio bookings, although several of the models I have drawn can be found on Modelmayhem. Maybe about 30 to 40% seem also to be involved in the local music scene. A couple of them are artists in their own right, more if you count people involved in fashion design or cosplay.

    In Southern California, the suggested artist donations to the fund tend to be about $5 per hour and generally cash. Nobody takes credit cards for this sort of thing.

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    Don't know about the US, but in the UK the minimum payment for models is £15 an hour. Local models can be found on meetup and other online places. Male models are easier to book.

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    I used to run life drawing sessions for over 15 years at most of the places I worked when I was in game dev and I also monitored life drawing sessions for art leagues and ran some privately. You hire models from a place like bay area models guild or model mayhem (this is for the USA) 20-25 bucks an hour for 4 hours plus travel expenses or a flat fee of 100 dollars. They sign a release and no photography allowed. You need a professional setup, elevated model stand, lights, privacy shades, drawing benches. It's better to go through an agency for models and then host it at an art league or company than setting that up on your own because of liability issues and getting enough attendance.
    Private sessions are hard because you're stuck paying the 100 if no one else shows up which happens quite a bit and it's hard to get people to pay in advance for sessions.

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    What about evening bonuses, at least here our teacher has told they pay for model by hour (dont remember price) and evening bonus?

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    I've been to life drawing sessions sessions at community centres and so on. Anywhere you can get the space. Community run art galleries are a good one too. It's all about getting the permission of the space's 'owners'. If they know what's going on and approve, there's no problem with arrranging a life model to come out for a a regular drawing session. You just to make sure you check all the boxes for equipment, privacy and so on. Find a place where there will be demand and advertise. You should get enough people in the door to cover the cost, with a bit of luck.

    It sounds to me like the uni was leery of you not going through proper channels.

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