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    Nature Mage

    I've been working on a concept illustration for a nature-themed mage. I usually paint using cel-shading with a more cartoony style, so I'd love to get some feedback or critique on my attempt at a different style. Any critique is greatly appreciated!
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    Some parts of the woods are looking flat to me. The ground, parts of the trees to her left, etc. It might sound weird that the ground looks flat, but it's especially flat where she's supposed to be stepping on that tree root. I can't tell if you're using a low-res .jpg texture or a pattern brush for the tree in some places. Whichever it is, it's really jarring when put up against your figure.

    For her glowing hand. I know she's supposed to be casting, but there are more interesting ways to convey that than just an airbrush. Try simulating smoke, or adding some sort of sparkling effect maybe? That'd be up to you. You could use the lighting from her cast in some interesting ways as a new light source for her right side and the leftmost tree.

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    For the most part - not too bad. What strikes out is the pose. One foot way out over past the other and beyond the center of gravity for an un-even root grouping.

    The lighting doesn't line up with the boob shelf. There's an odd shadow there.

    There is now shadow on the ground or tree cast by the character in the super bright sun.

    I am having a hard time placing if the character is touching the tree or not.. since the feet indicate far away from a tree moving away from the character but the hand/staff indicate touching the tree.

    The knee band thing seems weirdly placed.

    Where's the rest of her gear? A typical magic user had.. stuff.. even if it's a re-job-titled "druid".
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    Where's the colour in her skin?

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