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Thread: please critique

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    please critique

    I traced this. was trying to practise my shading, though i think i may have subconsciously tweaked a few parts of her face while shading. She looks a little off to me. Should i scrap this or finish it? I'd appreciate critiques! thanks
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    I'd say you should start over, but that isn't a bad thing. Just remember the mistakes you made when you make the second pass.

    First, you made her face waaaay too dark. Her skin tone in this photo is a more neutral grey that gets lighter towards her left. The only part of her face that's partially lit is her nose. Losing the skin tone also made you lose the subtle cast-shadow her nose is making. If you want to go for more dynamic lighting you could make the shadows darker. If you want to copy this photo exactly, the darkest part of her face needs to be here eyes followed by her lips.

    Aside from said you traced, but your lips wound up looking smaller than your model's. This can be salvaged, but I'd start over.

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    You may find this useful. I found that my own ability improved after absorbing this information.
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    Thanks so much! I'll start over, appreciate the feedback

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    You made the skin too dark already. It looks more like black skin tone rather than asian, if you ask me. You should focus on the darkest parts. They are pure black. Either draw those areas first and then let that be your lead for the rest, or draw everything lightly in layers and slowly build it up until you reach the dark part. But your problems seems to be going too dark at the very start, so I'd recommend you do the pitch black parts first and then compare the rest to it.

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