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    It looks off... but I dont know why

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    hi everyone!
    I painted this digitally. the bottom one is the sketch i started out with (if that helps analyzing my work)

    it seems very off somehow. However I don't know what's wrong.
    Help will be much appreciated.

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    A few things stick out immediately.

    The shape of the head is like a squished football on the side. You are missing major planes in the face.

    The eyes are way too big and are placed like they are going on a flat surface and not a round head.

    The eyes to nose are crooked as is the nose to the mouth.

    The body is weirdly off too. I don't get a clean visual of where the arm volume is on the left or the right.
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    Thank you! I would've never noticed the things you pointed out by myself.
    i think i should just study anatomy rather than trying to draw a fictional character at this point.

    again, thank you very much. have a good day

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    I'm assuming you are going for a stylized look, right?

    Upper eyelid's high peak should be closer to the nose
    lips don't sit on the centre line of the head, also they don't have a character, just simple curves
    it's 3/4 but we see more cheek on the far side than the closer side
    eyebrow should track the spherical nature of the eye sockets
    where is the chin? it should be spherical

    study simple construction and planes

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    yes i was trying to go for the stylized look.
    but after this critique i just kinda realized how much i suck at anatomy. so i think i shouldn't do stylized ones :p

    thank you for your time. your comments helped a lot! have a nice day^^

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    There's a really easy way to see flaws in a piece, flip it over to a mirror image. The anime/manga artists in Japan studied in a traditional manner. They did lots of figure/life drawing and anatomy. It's difficult to convincingly stylize a figure without understanding it first.
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    As I can see, the face is not in perspective. It may seem weird to think about, but everything, even faces, are in perspective when viewed in the real world! To me, the main contributing factor in making this feel "off" to you would be that. You see the eye closest to us, should be bigger than the other eye, whereas it is actually smaller in your drawing. The nose and mouth also do not seem like they are wrapping up and around the planes of the face, but are rather on a flat surface. Treating the face as a sphere will help!

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