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    Redraw critique? :>

    Just finished a redraw that took me forever and I black and whited the image to get rid of the color from the light bulb in my room : ^). Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I think this is my best drawing I've ever done lol, but still a lot to improve on.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Drawing from last time, just under a year ago:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've kind of talked of talked about this before with your previous anime portraits. Which is that you seem to be basing them off photos and the final result lacks emotion or expression. Look at his big goofy grin in the anime art, now look at your version. He has a vague nothingness to his face. He looks like a K-pop star with some fake scars covering him to look cool.

    Overall, the rendering is quite good, it's an improvement from the earlier portrait (which also doesn't really capture the character). If you zoom out though, his head looks quite small compared to his body, his neck also looks quite thick compared to his neck. I would say the back of his head is kind of flat. Despite my earlier remark about the scars, the one on his chest has got some real depth to it, looks pretty believable. His manly pecs are also pretty well done.

    Again like I've said in the past. What are you trying to do with these? What is your intention, what direction are you trying to take? Because if you want to be drawing these larger than life characters, show their larger than life characteristics.

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    You need to put darker shadow, study this from life get object and put light to it and study it or do self portrait from life if you are up to challenge then come back to this. also skulls and asaro heads help for structure (The Asaro manual says the one side is for younger and or rounded face, the other is characteristic of an older and or thinner face.)
    Read more:

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    Yeah, I remember you said that before few months ago maybe and I think I was trying to emulate the original drawing, but I'll try to remember and mark your words down for the next rendered drawing haha. You're right about the inconstancy with the scars. The scar on the face was one of the first things I finished on the rendering and the one on the chest was the very last thing, so when I thought I was done with it, it was finished.

    I was planning on doing a self portrait in time for self portrait day sometime in November and I could probably do one or two rendered still lives this week if I don't get overloaded with school work. Thanks for the helpful links for Asaro heads :>. I was planning on doing a few studies on them this week.

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