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    Never Ending Journey of Art

    Hello! I am super nervous to post on here because theres so much amazing art but i really need to find help keeping me committed to drawing. Recently I have been more art block than art and would like any reccomendations as to how you escape art block! I regularly look at art that inspires me but when i put my pen to the paper I just draw the same things...
    Art in order from oldest to newest!
    Name:  headshot.jpg
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Size:  181.3 KBName:  poopmaster2.jpg
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Size:  124.0 KBName:  aaajjjjhhhhh_by_hoodedkiller-d55ip5x2.png
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    Please let me know if you have any reccomendations/critiques for me! I know i have an issue with drawing the same kind of face and i am working on getting around that fear.
    I look forward to attempting to post more here soon! The latest piece I have is from 3 months ago....

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    Figured it might be nice to upload some more recent work, I've been playing with oil paints for the first time in my life and I love them!!!
    Name:  20180913_152726.jpg
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    Name:  20180913_152756.jpg
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    They are both works in progress but the tree is more complete. The second one is an abstract piece that I still havent decided what to do with...

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    You need to go back to learn the basics of form, composition and colour. It might sound tough, but knowing the rules first helps a lot when you need to break them.

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    i know how fun it is to start with colors rihgt ahead, i too went down that path at the start, however, it will be more helpful to you to start learning basics than to try and learn how to gather more creativity; since you can always train your creativity with the basics.

    however, i'll give you a few tips; first off, use references. there's nothing wrong about using them, and no artist should ever feel bad about it! we sadly can't remember exactly how things look, nor understand them with a simply look.

    i'd recommend you following models, using pinterest, check the aesthetics you enjoy and which poses you'd like to practice; you'll soon learn how to make pieces look more interesting the more poses you know how to do.

    i'd simply recommend you checking out Proko's videos, as they're a good guide to anatomy basics.

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