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    Question about watercolor pallet

    Hello everyone !
    I have a question about maintaining and painting with watercolors.

    - What shape/material of pallet is best for watercolors ?
    - Is there any way I can keep my watercolors wet and use them later to get the most out of my paints, or do I need to clean my pallet after painting and use fresh watercolors every time ?
    - Usually watercolor pallets have small containers to separate colors. Should I add water to each pigment before using or mixing the paint ? or keep water only on the brush itself, and keep pigment pure ?
    - And maybe some advice on how to mix paint without making it tinted ? What I mean by that is, if I have red and yellow that I want to mix together, either some of the yellow mixes with red or vice-versa, and it's very difficult to keep this paint clean, even tho I saw a lot of watercolor artist not having any issues with it.
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    The best answers to these question you will find for yourself...
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    Watercolours can be re-wet if needed. Pallet is personal choice - it can be hit or miss until you find one that works best for you. You take the colour into a mixing area to add water or not. The beauty of watercolours is their purity of colour over white paper, don't over wet them unless doing a wash. Mixing comes with practice - generally you need to mix more than you think you need (that goes with any medium) and when mixed, use a clean brush to stop the streaks, which are bits of paint stuck in your brush.

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