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    Talking Food animation critique

    Hi there!

    Sooo, lately I've been working on some animations for a client.
    These are supposed to be animations that are about to be displayed while the app is loading.

    I am not very experienced with animation (besides bouncing balls and boring walk cycles, I haven't really created anything half-decent) and I want to make those as crisp as I can, so I need anything ya can give me!
    Is the spacing ok? Do they look good? What could be done better? Did I overdo the squash and stretch thing?
    These are obviously just sketches, there is still a lot of work to do, but the movement is already there and it is the best moment to correct some things!

    Name:  animation-lemonade---Kopia.gif
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    Here I really wanted to show that the fluids slows down the higher it goes, since the glass gets wider. I actually wanted to exaggerate that a little bit.

    Name:  burgersage---Kopia.gif
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    Name:  panna-cota---Kopia.gif
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    That is gonna be panna cota, just to be clear

    Name:  pancakes.gif
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    With the pancakes, I wanted to make sure that the syrup gets faster as the drip falls straight down.

    That would be it! I'll take any form of criticism ya are willing to give me! ^_^
    Thanks for lookin'!
    Hope you everything's just hunky-dory!

    Go ahead and find me HERE

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    Fix perspective, and make the two actions of filling the glass and bubbling overlap, i.e. do not start and stop them at the same time.
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    I've only done a small bit of animation back in college. I loved it, but I never got into it because my drawing skills just weren't up to par. Anyway, these are really cool. Love the rhythm. The water in the glass is your weak one. It's rapidly filling at the same time the bubbles are slowly rising to the top. When you fill a glass it doesn't actually ripple all that much. You will have bunch of air bubbles being forced down into the water from the top though.

    I'd record some reference for that one.

    Edit: Also, the burger bun seems to have approximately the same impact weight as the meat patty. I think I might increase the patty squash effect, maybe even keep the bun squashed instead of bouncing back. I dunno. At the end of the day animation is a lot of work, and I'm not an animator. The water one is really the only one that I would focus on if you're pressed for time.
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