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    Graceful Figure Cylinder Limbs

    I'm trying to try somethign new with my figure drawings, which is drawing a cylinder like shape for the limbs instead of just lines. Even though I look at how other people do it, the limbs just never look right. It could just be me being too self critical, but if anyone has a advice that would be great :>.

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    You need to understand the purpose behind using simple shapes instead of complex anatomical forms. I've scribbled down the general concept.

    You have to be able to understand cross-sections and how to place them in perspective according the your vanishing point and horizon line.

    A horizon line should be the absolute first thing you draw. Everything needs to relate to the horizon line. This does not mean that everything must relate to the same vanishing point however. Make note of that.

    Good practice is to place various simple shapes in different positions above and below a horizon line. Then start placing those shapes over your gesture lines.
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    Thanks again for commenting on one of my post :>. I'll do my best to follow what you're saying, each one will probably take a while.

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    In addition to the useful comments above, let me stress the importance of drawing transparently, not just the front of what you see. Finally, there is really nothing graceful about a cilinder.
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    Remember, a gesture is just that, an expression. It's the rough draft for the final idea. That said, a successful gesture typically has accurate proportion. Even when working with curves, the implied placement of elbows and wrists should feel natural. Check out the length of the arms to the torsos/legs. In the gestures I see here, they look too short. However, I will reiterate that the purpose of gesture is to get your intent out on paper. Do a few of the same pose with slight variations. In fact, do 10, and time yourself in increasing increments, starting with 10 seconds and adding 5 seconds each time. If you have real figure drawing sessions available in your area, go. There is nothing more effective than time constraints and an actual human you have to describe with line.

    Additionally, consider letting go of the cylinder approach. There is a multitude of ways to describe form in a fluid and accurate way. Pinterest is an awesome resource for finding examples of great gesture drawings.
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