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    I would like to receive critique from you

    Hi there, this is my last work and I need some advice in the future Thank you
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    I got my phone out and put it in selfie-mode. Looks like your foreshortening is good. While I appreciate anime art, I've never actually gotten into drawing it so I can't give advice on that front.

    The negative space of your composition looks lovely. I do think the colors seem a bit chaotic though. What I've done here is arranged the colors and values in such a way that background, mid-ground and foreground all have their own color and value. Background is purple so her shirt is magenta and gloves are red. The reason I changed her shirt color is simply because that's the color between red and purple. Not green. It gives the image a sort of cohesion. Similarly to how the dark values are in the foreground, the mid-range value is in the mid-ground and the light value is in the background. I also blurred her hands to simulate depth of field.

    You can feel free to ignore all of this if you wish. This is just how I would approach the piece.

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    There's a lot to enjoy about this piece, well done! The fingers are stylized in an attractive way, and the framing of the camera app is a nice touch.

    The expression is a little odd though. She kind of looks drunk and blank. Are you going for the squinty eye, focused expression? I'd pull up the bottom eyelid, and pull the nose in the direction of the squinted eye.

    While I like your colors, the purple is a bit too neon and saturated I think. Tone it down a bit, and the composition will sing.
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