Hey everyone.

It´s been ages that I´ve been on this Forum
I need your help.
I am planning on writing my master thesis (architecture) on the connection between Concept Design/Narrative (as we understand it in this Forum) in real architecture and fictional architecture.
I do not really mean set design but more world building that was shaped by architectural principles of the real world.
Sorry that it is really vague but I am still at the beginning.

What I am looking for are books/people/sites that have influences movies through their architectural/narrative design and vice versa.
For example Syd Mead or Hugh Ferriss.
I am really just gathering papers and other stuff to read on this topic.

I am happy with every suggestion/help you can give me.
Thanks in advance!

(If I am wrong here or you know where these questions would be more fitting, please direct me there )