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    Question The " Art" in me is dying

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all.

    I am hoping maybe...that some of you might help me with an issue that has been getting worse recently. Currently i feel like i should just accept it...but if i do then i no longer have anything to look forward to in life...I dont get to travel..i dont go out (and believe me i cant do anything about it dont question it)
    The "ART" in me is dying..the desire to draw to paint is gone and i feel bland...hopeless and full of regret.
    After trying so hard to get back to art...when i finally got my own laptop..and wacom bamboo ink pen after so much pain and years being on a hiatus...
    all of a sudden..i no longer have the will to do art. I tried getting into animation...making it into a dedicated hobby and that also failed. because recently i got very ill i was sick for 2 weeks and desire to make art is all gone..not even animating which was making excited and happy.
    I wont deny that i would still draw occasionally (random doodles or scribbles)...cuz i got Asperger and it makes me feel know. I live a sheltered life...its like a prison and art has always made me free in this home...but now my muse is gone...i feel like a fish in the ocean.

    I was wondering if anyone had been through this and have they overcome it? or how should i overcome this?

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    Read some books, novels etc. Think how you see them in your head. Google it, and get angry at everyone doing it wrong. Paint it the right way.

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    I get the urge to draw when I see other artists paint, figure out what works for you and hold on to that momentum.

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    hey I also have this sometimes the problem is most often assossiating art with stress , wanting to be as good as your idols and feeling hurt for not being good enough. try to do relaxed creative things just doodling , coloring in a color book , things that are easy for you,... withouth any pressure for a while

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    Depression is something I'm pretty familiar with. For me it comes and goes. It used to be ever present. I find that giving in and wallowing in it just creates a feedback loop of sorts that keeps you down. Decide that you don't want to be depressed anymore. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. There's always someone who's better off than you, more skilled, more attractive, more socially astute, but there are always people who have it much, much worse. Slavery is still a thing you know. Bitching about how hard your life is won't get you anywhere. You need to develop your ability to focus on the present moment and be grateful for the things you do have. Do you want to make art or not? Figure that out and make your choice. The world isn't going to wait on you to feel better. Nobody really cares that much. The clock keeps ticking and you're getting closer and closer to the grave. You will die and be utterly forgotten. So you better make damn sure that you do your best to have a good time while you're here.

    I'm not a psychologist. I'm just a guy who's had years of dealing with his own depression and sense of entitlement.

    I mean, would it be so bad if all anyone remembers about me is that I was a lover of art, of women, and wine? Perhaps I reach too far.

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