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    Learning art by myself, need some pro critique


    First time posting here

    Firstly i aspire to design awesome environment concepts for games/movies/animated films.

    Ive been trying to figure out how to do value studies for ages, since they dont teach us any of the essential fundamentals required for producing quality environment concept art at the university that i attend. Also, due to the communication barrier that exists between students and teachers, because of diversity in language(Indian btw) i am having trouble finding a good tutor for environment/landscape specific painting classes.

    So i have to rely on youtube tutorials and art forums for info regarding environment design fundamentals.

    Most 'youtube instructors' suggest that students should learn how to read compositions done by old masters, by making a value study using a limited range of values(usually 4 value or 2 value composition studies). From what i understand, this is a method used to break down complex compositions into most simple shapes,lines and value arrangements that can later be applied to my own work.

    I am planning to post weekly updates with every such value study i make, along with a few observations that i have made during the process.

    I would appreciate any criticism on the studies that i make and insight on the stuff that i missed.

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    Street in Nassau - Albert Bierstadt

    1. Upon zooming out to thumbnail size and blurring sight, i see the entrance clearly, shaped like an L
    2. Dominant 'dark shape' in composition, formed by tree, tree shadow, fence and fence shadow, offers good contrast to the entrance, it appears the entrance is the prime focus in this composition.
    3. One branch hanging right above the path, perhaps an element to draw interest towards the focal region.
    5. Backgrounds faded and less contrasty, gives depth
    4. Overall, it looks peaceful and still, not much activity, perhaps due to vertical elements formed by tree trunk, figures and entrance posts

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    Not bad, I think the top, right corner is closest. I'd encourage you to come up with your own basic value thumbnail, using what you learned in this piece. Make your own scene that has a darker foreground element that creates a dark cast shadow, and plays against the light on the ground. Have some light objects and dark objects silhouette against a mid-tone background. You'll get much more out of this study if you apply it right away. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just change it up a little to your own composition.
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    Oh, and I forgot to add- that gate doorway, leading to the trees on the left side- watch your values in relation to the light patch on the ground at the right of the composition. The values of that gate opening are darker than the light patch on the ground. It looks very light, because it's surrounded by so many dark values. It seems like you were struggling with this value relationship.

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