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    toxic tribeswoman

    Going back to this piece something doesn't look right to me about the head in relation to the shoulders. Any ideas on where it should be? Crits about the rest of it also very welcome. It's acrylic on paper, and any edits will have to be done digitally.

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    Character of the week challenge C.H.O.W

    *light nudity*


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    Pretty sure it's because more of the neck should be visible. The neck is usually approximately the same height as clavicle to nipple.
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    Agreed - the head seems to be sitting weird. That and the features all look pushed 'up'.. from the chin-to-mouth spacing.. the eyes seem far apart and way high.

    Taht being said - this may all be a bit better with coherent lighting direction/shadows.

    The bottom right foot also looks turned in too far. It could deal with being popped out a little bit away from the character.

    Over all interesting, but it doesn't read "toxic".. just reads 'cluttered garbage person'.
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    I agree the neck should be more visible. Also, it looks like you are missing a muscle group in the area where the right arm attaches to shoulder. I makes it look as if the arm is just attached the the ribcage without any muscle support. In addition the pose doesn't feel quite natural. It looks like you're indicating the rib cage tilting forward into a little bit of a hunch, but the shoulders are pushing back and you have her head craning up and to the side. Try tilting you rib cage forward, and crane your neck up and to the side. It doesn't feel too good (at least for me)! I'd stand in front of a mirror and play with poses to come up with something that feel more "right".

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