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    Demon and Angel Acrylic painting

    Hey there, y'all. I'm new to the website, saw it on a list of good places to get some feedback on artwork. My piece is a demon and angel at a moment of some holy event, intentionally left vague. The demon is distraught, and the angel is smug and confident. It isn't entirely finished, as I still need to add color and detail to the angel, and I'll tighten the demon a bit more, too.

    Anywho, it's acrylic on smooth bristol paper. Any feedback about the composition, color balance, or form is appreciated. Also, I have been having some trouble with predicting what the color will look like on the palette vs. on the page. Complicating factors I am aware of are the color underneath, how wet the paint is/how much medium is used, and color shift from wet to dry. I also find that I have a hard time getting the paint opaque enough, especially when using white, but don't want to use so much paint that it creates a texture that is then hard to continue adding layers on top of. Any tips anyone has about painting with acrylic would be greatly appreciated.

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    Very nice figures! The hands are well constructed, and I love the way the reptilian angel thing's wings turn into serpents.

    Are you referring to the texture of the brushstrokes being difficult to work on top of? I've had good luck with a fine grain sandpaper if there are any areas of a piece that become too built up or hard. The colors have a lot to do with the density of the paint. You probably know this already, but opaque colors are denser, hence why flat whites build up texture quickly. Using a solution to break down the paints is useful, though each solution has a different effect. Using water can be rather muddy, so it might be best to invest in solutions appropriate to working with acrylics.

    Work on introducing depth to the clouds. The angel appears to be on the same plane as the reptile thing, which really flattens out the composition.

    I look forward to seeing progress, this is a very ambitious piece with a cool style!

    This seems like a very symbolic image, so maybe the hard horizon line is intentional, but I feel that it's just too strong in the composition, and bisects the verticals a little too perfectly.
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    Oh man, sandpaper's a great idea. I'll have to pick some up. I usually use water in the early stages and glazing liquid later on, in a mimic of oil's fat over lean rule, but mostly because i treat it like watercolor at the beginning and get in that fast working reductive stuff in, giving the background that splotchy look.

    Compositionally, I did want the angel and the figure on the same plane as reference to pre- and early renaissance religious works. I agree that the background could recede some more and that that horizon line's too strong, but i'm nervous to put much more on top of it and lose the texture's I've built up. The paint just doesn't act the same way once you're a few layers in and the paper's no longer absorbing the water as much. I'm thinking about doing a semi transparent glaze over the background to retain some texture and unify the contrast a little more, but I've never tried that before and I'm nervous. Thanks again!

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    As for the texture problem- sand paper seems like a good solution. I have more experience with oils, and not acrylics, so take this advice with a grain of salt- but you might just need to build up the layers slowly to get the opacity your looking for, without the texture. Ease into it, making sure you are applying it carefully, without texture.

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