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    I have questions about gesture drawing and figure drawings?

    So lately I've been doing a lot of gesture drawing (trying to catch motion), and general figure drawing( trying for realism) and it's fun but I've only been working with nude figures.

    Should I be working with clothed figured as well?

    Is it more beneficial to work with nude figures or clothes figure?

    I tired practicing with clothed figure for a while, because...well I need to be able to draw clothes right...but is this really going to help me draw clothes?

    If I do need to practice with clothed figure, how would I go about that? I see how that would work for general figure drawing, but how will that work for gesture drawing which is mainly loose lines?

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    You just need to work more on your gestures , looseness and gestural qualities are the most vital components of anything drawing ever . You would be amazed by how much you will improve at other areas just by working more on your gesture drawing I don't think the subject matter is as imprtant as getting quick and fluid lines on your paper
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    Gesture is about the essence of the pose, it is not about getting clothing right. At a higher level, you can you use clothing to emphasise gesture and volume, but this is more a means instead of an end.
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    Also knowledge how folds work helps with clothed poses, but learning about gesture is so important as its will give more life like figures

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