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    What mood does this convey?

    I did this in art therapy and am considering placing it in my office as part of the therapy. However, I just want to know what kind of message this is sending to someone who does not know the details and emotions that form the background to the picture. I am also not going to tell people I did but intend to just let it hang there.

    Can I just have some feedback from someone just glancing casually?

    Thanks in advance.
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    At first glance it looks like a party is going on, but on further examination it looks like some sinister stuff is happening. People jumping off the cliff together, people chopping up a body and throwing it off the cliff? A couple of people either trying to help some one up a ladder, or maybe they are trying to shake him off to plunge down the cliff? A dude wielding a bloody sword? No body else reacting to all this stuff?

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    Definitely evokes some kind of weird unease in me. Something very wrong seems to be happening. The characters are holding esoteric shapes, there's a ladder. For some reason, I'm getting the "a person is smart, people are stupid vibe" like everyone's brainwashed by a f*cked up culture. But maybe that's just me projecting Interesting choice of imagery to keep in an office. I think it would freak me out all the time!

    What sort of work do you do?
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    It's very dark in content but the technique is bright and child-like which gives us that sense of unease because the elements contrast so wildly. It's like having something that says "This kid is a serial killer." To the subconscious.

    However, since it's in an adult's office and not a class room it's most likely going to come off as you just having a dark sense of humor. Which as I understand is a sign of intelligence. Of course, I'll believe anything I read on the internet.

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