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    Help with the lighting

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    I'll be happy for any kind of criticism but id like to get some advice on how to convey that hot summer mid-day kind of feeling, using light and colour. I'm not sure if it's working for me so far. I'm also planning to replace the lights, they seem to scattered now. No single reference used to refer to.
    Thanks in advance

    PS.: It's of a much bigger resolution, I just resized it for the forum.

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    Use warm colors where the sunlight hits. You're just taking cool green and adding white to it right now. All that does is brighten your cool green and give a lifeless quality to everything. Also each plant will have a different hue of green due to them being different species and all. Go look at a leaf in sunlight and see what the color does.

    Follow this pattern and see how you like the results: Green transitions to yellow. Yellow transitions to orange. More light = more saturated color and warmer hues.

    Obviously, you'll need to make adjustments based on the local color of a surface and your compositional needs.

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    The dappled lighting is a pretty effect. I'm not sure I agree that it feels lifeless. If this is a northern scene, summer daylight is rather white/blue. If it's southern, more of a lemon yellow. It depends what time of day the setting is, to determine the wash of light. Morning is more orange, the evening is more red-orange/purple. Judging from your current colors though, it seems right smack in the middle of the day.

    It might be nice to add in some atmospheric effect as if everything is hazy and humid, like a blur. This could work nicely applied to the house in the background. Maybe some buzzing insects, or some summer flowers?
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