Hey all,

I have been working through Michael Hampton's figure drawing book and decided to amp things up by attending local life drawing sessions. I heard it helps.

Here's a 15 minute pose that I'm particularly happy with.

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Things I like:
I like the general contours and form. I'm particularly happy with the solid, weighty feeling around the neck, shoulders, and upper torso. I also like the values and shading in that area. It's not overblended and there's a nice contrast between shadow and light.

Things I'd like to have done better:
I should have tweaked the head to give it a bit of perspective. The head was in profile to me, but it just looks flat. Also, the shadow on the edge of the right thigh oversimplifies the shapes and is way too dark compared to the other shadows on the figure. I also kind of phoned in the right hand and left foot.