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    Digital art ergonomics

    I recently bought a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 and I'm looking for advice on ergonomic design for digital artists.

    In order to work for long periods of time with minimum neck, back, and wrist strain I want my Cintiq to be in a neutral position, but of course I also need my mouse and keyboard and my two monitors to be in neutral positions.

    Where can I get advice on this and see working examples of studio set-ups for professional or commercial digital artists?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello? ( ...crickets . . . )

    504 views in the last 4 months and no responses . . .

    How many hours a day do you work at your Cintiq (or other digital tablet). Where is it in your workspace? What orientation is it in - flat, at an angle, vertical? How do you accommodate the Cintiq along with your PC monitor, mouse, and keyboard? Can you use them all without having to move one out of the way? Can you sit and draw in a neutral position without neck, shoulder, or arm strain?

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    Google image search 'digital office setup wacom' and you get a whole mess of setups to review.

    I have an Intuos.. so it's at a slight angle from my lap to the edge of my desk.. propped up on my wrist rest. This gives me access to my keyboard, a line of sight up to my monitor (that is about head height), and my mouse is wireless so it can go where ever.
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