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    Quote Originally Posted by arttorney View Post
    Edit for stonec: Yes, there will be activities.
    Cool got answer on already couple month ago, gave thumps up for it when I saw answer dunno if it came to you guys or maybe I should have been bit clearer about but ty anyways
    Edit: Didn't know you are working there as well Gz

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    This is exciting news for sure as there seems to be a big demand for it. Facebook is just kind of shit and it feels like most people seem to be gravitating away from it. Totally agree on the echo chamber thingy, it would be so refreshing to see a forum where there's a collective understanding that no critique towards anyone's art is personal, and if it is by any chance you can very easily spot it. It's a really cool thing to have a place where people are genuinely invested in other peoples learning, and are willing to spend some time to help others out. Everyone having everyones back.

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    I joined this site back in December 2016 but I had just graduated with a Fine Arts degree and I was too busy to get online here. I really like this site though and I would love to see a forum that is active with activities, contests, critiques and so on. I hope that MB can be up and running in the near future, I definitely would like to take part in it (actively!) I'm a novice of course, but it would be awesome to interact with some real world professionals in the concept art field!
    ~Stephanie Cruz (aka Persephone Black)

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    No offense to anyone still active but it doesn't seem very viable these days. If you want a portfolio/resume there's artstation. If you want to learn pretty much everyone self-publishes now. If you want to talk to friends there's social media. The idea that monetization of a new site is already in the works is worrisome. Jason Manley always came off as one of those guys who sells get rich quick videos on late night TV. The subsequent legal battles and exodus of pros didn't help. This Level-Up stuff seems scammy too. There's plenty of cheaper ways to teach amateur artists these days where you don't have to fight a forum of egos. The old was a relic of the times. Not all the pros were bad, some were here to help. A select few were just here to collect fans. Leaving this place was really good thing for a lot of us. It was always eatpoo-lite to some extent. Hopefully the new site won't be steeped in a toxic cult of personality and actually focus on teaching relevant techniques to newcomers.

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